Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's a beautiful snowed in Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday to you all.  One of my fav scriptures.  No service this Sunday morning.  We are snowed in anyway....For those who can make it our church is having a 4pm service with supper to follow.  That will warm every one's bones a bit.
So  Last night the winds were loud, and fierce.  We lost electricity before 10pm and hubby and I and beast {our dog} went to bed for a long winter's nap.  The electricity was off for only a couple of hours.  Thank you Lord... our heat was off too, but not for long.  Had nice old fashioned wool blankets.

Just a quick snap shot from inside the nest.

A winter wonder land.....still in mid's all good.  As we all know...{this too shall pass}  Spring is waiting to come in all it's glory.

So kinda excited to see my fav show with hubby tonight.  Wicked Tuna's new season comes on this evening.  Hubby went to a fishing expo last weekend, and met some of the captains from Wicked was Wicked Awesome.....also will tape Downton Abbey....both shows are on at the same time.  You can tell it's Winter....and we have Cabin fever when one gets excited about TV shows.   LOL

Nest in Peace....His Peace.......Karen

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