Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Cape Cod Beauty......and the man child is coming home with his bride for a visit.

The color of July-August here on Cape Cod and the Islands.  Lovely deep blue hydrangeas.

I put up lil flags in my front yard...

The marshlands by The "cottages" I call them right near the beach....lucky bluebirds.

The Borad-walk, in Sandwich, MA

An old fishing boat going thru the Cape Cod Canal.  The Annie Wilder.

Salt water roses along a picket fence....such a beautiful sight.  Hubby was driving while I snapped a "blurry" shot, but could not resist.

So it's been a bit rainy here on The Cape....then really humid too.  The sights are still awesome......rainy or not I am son and daughter in law are on their way up from NC to New England for a weeks vacation.  I so treasure our times together.....having adult take what ever time you can get with them...they have their lives to live......It's going to be a wonderful week.

I wish everyone of friends a wonderful....blessed weekend and week to come.......until next time........Nest in Peace........Karen


Karen said...

oh, I do love the cape. You capture it well. Have a great visit!

Karen said...

Thank you Karen, hope your summer is going well!! The weight loss is happening but very s--l---o--w---l---y but loss is loss right? Be well. Karen

Judy at GoldCountryCottage said...

Hi Karen. Beautiful images. I would love to visit you beautiful part of the country some day..Happy Sunday..Judy