Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Wednesday to you dear friends.

Hello friends hope your Wednesday was a great one.  It is cool here on Cape Cod....still Spring weather....waiting for the warmer days to come, and oh they will.   Today was weigh-in day at W.W.  well I did loose just almost 1/2 pound.....the counselor's in the right direction....yes it is I will take it.   Take two sticks of butter and hold them....that's a 1/2 lb.  off your body.  Pretty cool mental picture.  Remember the mental picture Oprah gave with going on her studio stage pulling a red wagon of pure fat...????  Yuck...

Love this Hymns and Verses too.  We buried our friend this week.  His service was beautiful, such a testament to his life seeing all the people fill...jam pack the funeral home.  He was a giving wonderful man.  He leaves behind a wife and three children ages 15-10yrs.  The Lord is faithful.....He knows the number of days we all have on this earth...and our friends was last Wednesday....he knows my end of days and shall we live those days out?  Lord may I live them out well....I am so thankful for your Faithfulness.  Lord help Scott's family during this time of grief and sorrow.  May we remember them in our prayers....may your saints do what is needed to help them.

Be well dear friends...know we have a hope..and a future with Jesus if you believe in His salvation...Scott did, he is in His glorious presence this day.

Nest in Peace................Karen

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