Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The signs of March

I remember the signs and smells of march as a it was yesterday.  My favorite month....I am partial  however, I was born in March.  I remember red rubber boots, and splashing in the puddles left by melting snow.  What is the thrill of walking in a puddle as a child (or adult) with your rubber boots on you ask?  Well for one thing you can.. and won't get in trouble, cause you got your boots on!  What about sloshing that wet brown mud around.   Another thrill, the surprise of how deep a puddle may be once you step into it, the deeper the water the higher the water mark goes on you red boots and guess what......your feet  are still dry, nope not gonna get in trouble!! 
I remember the smells of March too.  The smell of the earth because it's slowly appearing once again from under the blanket of  Winter's snow.  The ground stays muddy for some time and those red rubber boots are out for awhile for the wearing.  Each time they are slipped on its another adventure out in March's melting madness. The green grass is coming...but this has to happen first.  Fond memories so glad I have them.  Do you?  Get out your red rubber boots or blue or green boots, enjoy all of March!

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