Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday's Supper-A Tidbit of Spiritual Food

Ok this journey called life is not always peaches and cream, or a bowl full of cherries is it?   You know what... it was never promised to us that it would be either.  God, family, and friends help us get through the tough times, the hard and sometimes hopeless times in life.  Let's be honest, all of us have faced something that was over-whelming for us to deal with.  How do we get through it?  Again, faith, God, family and friends.  Call upon the Lord, cry out in prayer, allow famly in and have friends gather around you.  We do not have to handle trials in life alone. 
     Matthew 28:20  (Jesus talking), "lo I am with you always , even to the end of the age" Amen

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