Sunday, November 1, 2009

A local Coffee Shoppe

The local coffee shoppe is a cool place to go too.  It's a place where "everybody knows your name".  It is a place to sit and converse with locals.  A bonding occures when folks go to their local coffee shoppe  even with just small chatter...... its seeing one another and catching up in a general sence. There is a sence of community in these establishments.  I would like to suggest  A Better Bean Coffee Shop in Bridgewater Center, in Bridgewater, MA.  The owners do not know I am blogging about their shop.  They are a young couple and I believe in showing the local guy support.  So go to A Better Bean say hi to the folks there.  You can bring your labtop and do some work, or bring a book and read, or just have your cup of joe and gaze out the window and take in the view of the locals buzzing around their town.  It's a quaint New England Expierence. I just love the name of this coffee shoppe A Better Bean, don't you?